Integrating SatisMeter with Drift should be a breeze.

First step is to set up SatisMeter in-app survey and have Drift account. Once SatisMeter is up and running, go to Integrations / Drift in SatisMeter settings and fill in your Drift Organization ID found in Drift Settings / Team. SatisMeter will now record survey responses to Drift as users attributes and events.

SatisMeter attributes sent to Drift

When a user completes a survey the following attributes are added to the user:

  • NPS_rating : NPS rating (0-10)
  • NPS_comment : verbal feedback that user left  
  • NPS_date : date when the NPS survey was filled out 

We also record the following events:  

  • Viewed NPS Survey : The survey was shown to the user  
  • Closed NPS Survey : User closed the survey without filling it  
  • Completed NPS Survey : User completed the survey
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