Note: This Drift integration works currently only for NPS surveys.

Integrating SatisMeter with Drift should be a breeze.

First step is to set up SatisMeter in-app survey and have Drift account. Once SatisMeter is up and running, go to Integrations / Drift in SatisMeter settings and simply click connect to Drift.

You will be redirected to an authorisation page within Drift, once you authorise the app SatisMeter will record survey responses to Drift as users attributes and events.

SatisMeter attributes sent to Drift

When a user completes a survey the following attributes are added to the user:

  • NPS_rating : NPS rating (0-10)

  • NPS_comment : verbal feedback that user left  

  • NPS_date : date when the NPS survey was filled out 

We also record the following events:  

  • Viewed NPS Survey : The survey was shown to the user  

  • Closed NPS Survey : User closed the survey without filling it  

  • Completed NPS Survey : User completed the survey

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