You can use our API to post responses directly from your server.




Content-Type: application/json


  "userId": "007",
  "traits": {
    "name": "James Bond",
    "email": ""
  "method": "Email",
  "rating": 10,
  "feedback": "Everything's great!",
  "writeKey": "WRITE_KEY"
  • Replace WRITE_KEY  with the actual key for your project (you can find it on page Settings > Integrations > API Keys)
  • method field represents the survey delivery method and can take either Email, Form, In-App, Mobile or Reminder as a value
  • traits  field is on object that contains any user data you want to tie with the response for identification or filtering
  • rating  is a number from 0  to 10
  • feedback  is an optional verbal feedback

Other important fields

  • If your project has "multiple campaigns" enabled, your request body should also have campaign  field with corresponding campaign' id as a value
  • If user is not identified and your project has "anonymous surveys" enabled, your request body should also have anonymousId  field instead of userId  field
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