🎬 Guide: How to launch your first survey 👈 

How to create a survey

Create your first survey using "New Survey" button in the navigation panel on the left or use the survey designer link from getting-started guide. In the survey designer you can create a survey from our templates (NPS, CSAT, CES), customize your survey appearance, text, adjust targeting and other settings.

The preview section on the right lets you try your survey to see how it looks like for your users. When you are happy with your survey and have it installed using one of the methods available, you can start collecting responses by "Setting it live" on the bottom of the designer.


If you have more questions to your audience, you can try adding a couple of followup questions - with rating, pre-defined choices or open-ended ones. The new questions will appear in live preview, so you can test it right away.


You can add more languages to your survey in the "Languages" section — NPS surveys are already translated to most used languages. You can also change the default language that is used if no other language is available and change each individual text for each language as well.


If you want to limit the audience that will receive the survey, you can adjust "Audience and targeting" settings, based on user traits that are passed to the SatisMeter. You might also want to adjust scheduling to repeat the survey from time to time or enable e-mail reminders to notify users about a survey they missed.

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