Here is a step-by-step guide on installing the SatisMeter survey into your website.

1. Create a new survey

Go to your SatisMeter Dashboard and click the "New survey" button.

2. Open the installation instructions

In the survey editor, you will see the "Install SatisMeter in your product" section. Click on the "Web" tab to show the instructions.

3. Copy & Paste the code to your web site

Follow the instructions, and add the code to your website.

4. Pass user date (optional)

If your users log into your website and you can identify them, it's desired to pass us the user data. This way, you will be able to see who responded to your survey.

Adjust the code to pass us data, as seen in the screenshot:

It's also possible to pass any other user traits for better survey targeting and segmentation.

3-4b. Installation for Single-page apps

If your website is a Single-page app rather than a static website, the installation is not done inside an HTML code, but rather in a javascript code. The code will look similar, but you will need to strip the <script> tag from it.

Here is an example of a React app that shows the survey after login.

5. Check installation

Once the code is installed, you can visit the website and click the "Check tracking" button to see if the installation was successful.

6. Launch your survey

Once you pass all the steps above, you should be able to launch your survey.

7. Wait for responses from your customers

Once you launch the survey to your customers, you will see their responses appearing on our dashboard.

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