Note: At the moment, surveys triggered by user events is in beta phase. If you'd like to have the feature enabled for your SatisMeter projects please contact us on support.

What are user events?

Events are user interactions with your product or website, like when they complete onboarding, subscribed to a paid plan, or used certain features. They are great to mark when a user reaches a certain point in their customer journey.

Each event has an unique name that references them like "Completed Onboarding", "User Subscribed" or "User Enabled Feature X" for the examples before. You can use any name you want but we always recommend to use meaningful and readable names.

What can I do with events?

You can make SatisMeter to wait until certain event has occurred before surveying your user.

In your survey's designer you can select to show it only after certain event and specify the event name.

After the survey is set Live, SatisMeter will wait for the next occurrence of the specified event. If the user is in the target audience SatisMeter will show the survey.

Keep in mind that that survey will be shown only on that next occurrence but not in any subsequent occurrence.

You can set multiple surveys to wait on the same event and all of them will be shown after the next occurrence.

If the survey can't be shown then, like if there's other survey on display or the event is tracked with a server-to-server call, SatisMeter will show it the next time your user enters your product or website.

How can I send events?

The way you send events is different depending in how you installed SatisMeter

In-app HTML snnippet

In the same pages where you installed SatisMeter you can include what it's called a "track call" which sends the event to SatisMeter and shows the survey if it's the case.

It's only one line of Javascript code containing the call and the event name.

satismeter('track', { event: 'The Event Name' })

Make sure that line is only called when the event has occurred. This might mean for example adding it only to specific pages, like the page after a user has completed a purchase for a "User Completed Purchase" event. Another example would be adding it to be called after the user has filled certain form.

In-app Mobile

For the moment SatisMeter doesn't support sending events from mobile installations.


With Segment you only have to make a call to their track method. Segment will make sure the event is sent to SatisMeter.

That also mean that if the call is made in your app or website using analytics.js SatisMeter will show the survey if it's the case.

Note: At the moment, SatisMeter supports track calls coming from the server-side sources, but not client-side sources.

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