The best practice of Customer Support is to make sure you really are resolving your user problems, not just closing tickets.

To make sure they solved users problems properly you can send a satisfaction survey after a support ticket is closed in Zendesk.

Here is how to set this up in Zendesk using SatisMeter

  1. Create a new survey in SatisMeter

Zendesk and SatisMeter integration

2. In the survey editor customize the texts and colors to match your brand

Zendesk and SatisMeter integration

3. In the survey editor choose the Email channel, set the survey live and save the email template for Zendesk

Zendesk and SatisMeter integration

4. Upload and use the SatisMeter survey template as one of the the email notification templates

5. Set up the triggers in Zendesk, the action is to send out an email when a ticket is closed, and choose the Survey template as the email notification

6. Set it live.

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