SatisMeter shows surveys based on rules specified in the targeting settings. When installing our survey it sometimes makes sense to bypass the targeting rules - just to check that the code is running properly and the survey looks good on a certain page.

Web survey

To bypass the targeting rules on the web, add forceSurvey: true  to the SatisMeter code snippet. Here is an example:

  writeKey: "ly8bRUzEA",
  userId: "1234",
  traits: {
    name: "John Doe",
    email: "",
    createdAt: "2017-01-28T13:10:26.255Z"
  forceSurvey: true

Web survey with Trigger on Event feature

If you have Trigger on Event feature setup, to force the survey you should also provide a campaign property with the survey ID.

The survey ID can be found by going to Settings > Integrations > API Keys.

Select the survey you wish to test, and the platform will display the ID.

iOS survey

To bypass the targeting rules on iOS, set forceSurvey  to true. Here is an example:

[SatisMeter sharedInstance].forceSurvey = true;

[[SatisMeter sharedInstance] identifyUserWithUserId: @"007"
                             writeKey: @"ABCD"
                             andTraitsDictionary: traitsDictionary]

If we see the forceSurvey  flag, we will always show the survey, allowing you to make sure everything is working correctly.

Just make sure that you remove the forceSurvey option when you're done with testing so that your targeting rules apply.

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