1. Make sure you have a properly setup and running survey

2. In SatisMeter, go to Settings / Integrations / CustomerGauge

SatisMeter Customer Survey - CustomerGauge integration

3. Open CustomerGauge, and copy the three necessary parts into SatisMeter (on the CustomerGauge integration page)

  • CustomerGauge Region

This is the region in which your CustomerGauge system is hosted. You can find your region by looking at the URL when logged into CustomerGauge (https://cvm.region.customergauge.com)

  • CustomerGauge Client ID

  • CustomerGauge Client Secret

4. Click the "Connect to CustomerGauge" button

That is it, from this point on you should see all the feedback gathered with SatisMeter in CustomerGauge and use it as on of the sources of NPS in there.

Here is a quick walk-through:

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