Create your first survey using the "New Survey" button in the navigation panel on the left or use the survey designer link from the getting-started guide. The first step is to choose one of the templates provided or create it from scratch.

SatisMeter - Choose a customer survey template

Each template is there to give you an overview of what type of feedback you can collect with it, a small description, and some use-cases to get you started.

Once you select one template, the next section is the Design. Here is where you can adjust the survey to better match your use-case by adding custom questions (which can be with ratings, pre-defined choices, or open-ended), adding Condition Logics, and also setting up the survey languages.

Next up is the Thank-You section.

In this section, you can specify what thank-you message should SatisMeter display to your customers based on the score given, or a standard message for all.

SatisMeter - Use conditional Thank You Message for your customer survey

Whether you will face a happy or unhappy customer, you can now adapt your Thank-you Message to the situation, and drive your promoters and detractors to different actions.

When you are satisfied with the content of your survey, you can move along to choose the Channel where it will be displayed. It can either be Web (Public Website or Web-App), E-mail, Public Links (share your survey via a URL!), or Mobile SDK for both iOS and Android.

SatisMeter - Pick up your customer survey display channel

The instructions might vary depending on which channel you select. The platform will guide you through the remaining setup, but if you have any doubts on specific parts of it, feel free to reach out to our Support Team or browse the other articles here!

The last main section of the Survey Designer is the Review section.

This is your chance to have an overview of the whole setup, and see the final product on the Live Preview in the right panel.

SatisMeter - Review and publish your customer survey

Whenever you are ready, hit that "Publish survey" button and set your survey live. 💪

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