1) Where are your servers located?

Currently, as of May 2021, our servers are located in the United States. We are GDPR-compliant regardless of it, as you can find more information here.

2) SOC 2 Reports or DPAs

We do not have SOC 2 Reports available. For DPAs or other security questionnaires, kindly contact us via Support.

3) Third-Party Providers:

Cloud providers
We use cloud providers to process and store data we collect for our customers.
- Google Cloud
- Heroku
- MongoDb
- Elastic

3rd party services
We use 3rd party services to store data about our customers. We don't send here the data about customers of our customers.
- Segment
- Intercom
- Salesmachine
- Smartlook
- Mixpanel
- Amplitude
- Google Analytics
- Intercom
- Facebook pixel
- Rollbar

If you have any additional questions on our Servers or Data Protection, feel free to reach out via our chat bubble on the right corner!

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