SatisMeter uses REST API to export list of responses in either CSV or JSON format.

  • Open API keys in SatisMeter (Settings/ Integrations/ API keys) and note Project ID and Read Key

  • Run the following command, replace project query param (58dc0709d79b8e000437caea) for your Project ID and basic auth username (aaVPdLq4YVWFywaF) for Read Key

To export responses in JSON format:

curl  -u aaVPdLq4YVWFywaF: ""
  • You should get a list of responses for the requested timeframe (see sample).

Query parameters:

  • project - Project ID (see Settings / Integrations / API key)

  • startDate - show only responses after this date

  • endDate - show only responses before this date

  • group - promoter, passive, detractor - show only responses from these groups

  • commented - true/false - show only responses with comment

  • format - json, csv, csv-excel

For JSON format, you can also use paginated results:

  • page[size] - size of one page of results

  • page[number] - page number of results (starting from page 1)

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