How it works

After you enable SatisMeter in Segment, the SatisMeter NPS survey will be shown to your customers.

Get started

To get started you need to sign up to SatisMeter, go to Install, click, and click the green button “Enable with Segment”. This will link your SatisMeter project with your Segment project and enable the integration:


Users need to be identified in order to target surveys at the right time.

Client-side integration

Identifying of users is done by calling an analytics.identify method using the analytics.js library. The recommended traits are name, email and createdAt, however SatisMeter will collect any other traits you'd like to see next to feedback from your customers.

Here’s an example of the identify call:

analytics.identify('007', {
 name: 'James Bond’,
 email: ‘’,
 createdAt: ‘2015-06-16T09:19:47.155Z’

It is important to send the createdAt trait which tells us how long is the customer using your service. This way we can show the survey to people that already have some experience with your service.

Server-side integration

You can also send additional traits you don't have available on client-side using one of the server libraries provided by Segment. These traits will be added to the collected responses from your users.

Sending data from SatisMeter back to Segment (optional)

We can send completed survey responses to Segment which will distribute it to all your other Segment integrations.

Segment write key

The first step is to go to Settings > Integrations > Segment, and copy your Segment write key into the field:

The write key looks like this: 8lnHXS8z3lkCyNkFlggIvd59M2BXdSHn

Here's a handy guide on how to find your Segment write key:

SatisMeter traits and events

Once you connected SatisMeter to Segment, you will have the option to configure per survey what User Attributes and Events are being sent. Simply click on the survey's name to explore your options:

Here's an explanation of every event we store per default:

  • Viewed event. The survey is shown to the user

  • Answered event. The user answers one of the questions (fired for every answer, not just the first one).

  • Completed event. The user has submitted a response. Even if it's called "complete" it's also fired when the user has answered at least one question and closed the survey, not just when the user goes through all questions.

  • Dismissed event. The user has closed the survey without answering any questions.

Feel free to explore and add event properties to each mapped event:


The SatisMeter widget does not show up

Make sure you are sending an analytics.identify() call when the page is loaded. If you are calling this method, make sure SatisMeter survey has a reason to be displayed. The widget will not display unless the customer fits your targeting settings.

It is important to send the createdAt trait to analytics.identify() method. Without this SatisMeter widget will use first-seen date and first surveys will be shown in several weeks from installation - depending on targeting settings.

You can change the targeting settings in Targeting section of SatisMeter settings.

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