SatisMeter shows surveys in languages you choose in Text & Languages settings.

Learn more about SatisMeter text and language settings in this video.

We identify the language based on their device settings. To show survey in different language, you can override the language like this:

HTML snippet:

  writeKey: "XXXXXX",
  userId: ".....",
  traits: {.....},
  language: 'de'

Segment users:

analytics.identify('007', {
  language: 'pt-br'

Supported Languages

  • Arabic ar
  • Chinese zh 
  • Chinese, Traditional zh-tw 
  • Czech cs 
  • Danish da 
  • Dutch nl 
  • English en 
  • German de 
  • Greek el 
  • French fr 
  • Indonesian id 
  • Italian it 
  • Japanese ja  
  • Latvian lv 
  • Lithuanian lt 
  • Norwegian no 
  • Persian fa 
  • Polish pl 
  • Portuguese pt 
  • Portuguese, Brazil pt-br 
  • Russian ru 
  • Slovak sk 
  • Spanish es 
  • Swedish sv 
  • Turkish tr  
  • Ukranian uk

You can also use standard [Java locale format] for language.( (e.g. "en_US", "nl_NL").

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