You can send user traits to our API, see it next to each response on our dashboard and filter based on the values.

Here is a sample of code snippet that sends custom user traits:

  writeKey: 'XXXXX',
  userId: '123',
  traits: {
    name: 'Bill Gates',
    plan: 'Business',
    age: '60'

Segment users can add traits like this:

analytics.identify('007', {
 name: 'James Bond',
 licence: 'to kill',
 drink: 'Vesper Martini'

We can also adjust targeting rules, so that survey is shown only to a certain customer segment based on user traits (just customers on certain plan, customers 2 weeks after subscription etc.) Just go to our targeting settings.

Traits can be added in multiple formats (ie. date, number, text).

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