By default, our survey is shown as a popup window in the bottom portion of a web page.

Alternatively, the survey can be embedded directly into a web page so that it feels like a natural part of the page.

SatisMeter Customer Feedback - Embedded surveys

This can be done adding the following keys to your HTML snippet:

  • embed: true

  • parent: HTML Element in which you'd like to insert the survey

  • campaign: ID of the campaign - you can find this by looking at the campaigns dashboard URL - it's the part after /campaigns/

Here is a complete example of such snippet:

(function() { window.satismeter = window.satismeter || function() {(window.satismeter.q = window.satismeter.q || []).push(arguments);};window.satismeter.l = 1 * new Date();var script = document.createElement("script");var parent = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0].parentNode;script.async = 1;script.src = "";parent.appendChild(script);})();

  writeKey: "WRITE_KEY",  // replace with your write key
  userId: "USER_ID", // replace with real user ID
  embed: true,
  parent: document.getElementById('parent') // parent element controls in which place the survey is shown
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