With direct integration SatisMeter can send verbal feedback of your customers directly into Slack. You can see your customers name, his response, verbal feedback and his email address at the end of the message.

SatisMeter Customer Survey - Slack Integration
  1. To integrate with Slack go to Settings / Integrations / Slack in SatisMeter and click the Add to Slack button.

  2. Select which channel we can send the feedback to, and click Authorize.

The integration should be up and running!

If you need to send additional user traits, custom pictures, links to customer profiles in other toors you can use the setup using Zapier, just like AdRoll: http://plc.vc/how-we-use-nps-slack-intercom

In case you need to anonymize the user data (name, email) so that you can share the feedback to the whole company, reach out to us and we can set it up for you.

ps: Keep in mind that if you choose a private slack channel, you must add SatisMeter as an app of said channel.

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