1. It's very easy to install our survey into your web app - just add a short HTML snippet to identify the logged in user. Once you do this everything else is automatically handled by us. You can simply watch the responses on our dashboard or integrate them into hundreds of other analytics services.We support both in-app and email surveys. The in-app ones are best for getting customer focus when they are interacting with your product. Email ones are for the non-responders, typically for the users that stop using the product before being offered the survey. We can send the customer responses to over 100 customer analytics products using Segment.com or web hooks. You can analyze the responses together with other customer data that you gather via other tools of your choice (Segment.com, Mixpanel, Intercom etc.).

  2. We offer customizable surveys - four types of questions (NPS, CSAT/CES, single choice answer, open ended text feedback. You can set up and customize multiple questions in your survey.

  3. We also integrate directly with Intercom and can feed the feedback directly into your team’s Slack channel.

  4. You can customize the design of the survey so that it matches your design.

  5. You can ask every user in their own language.

  6. Pricing - At SatisMeter we charge for responses you receive. Our users pay only for the value they get without the risk of not getting responses. Most of our competitors charge per survey sent. With a response rate around 30% we think our offer has better value for money.

SatisMeter is a flexible startup and we are rapidly evolving. If you are looking for additional features we don’t have right now, please let us know. We record and incorporate all suggestions into our roadmap.

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