We can send email surveys as an addition to in-app surveys directly from our platform.

However some of our customers prefer to use their own e-mail client, so we provide email templates for MailChimp, Intercom.io, Customer.io, Mixpanel, Dotmailer, etc.

This method is ideal for users who want to send surveys to a pre-set list of users, don't want to install SatisMeter code, or want to send e-mail surveys only.

Setting up this kind of NPS campaign is simple. First configure an NPS project with the settings for appearance, language, etc. that you would like to be reflected in your e-mail surveys.

Once these settings are to your liking, simply contact us with the name of the project, and the e-mail client you wish to use. We will create an HTML template that you can simply paste into your e-mail client.

Your users will receive e-mails that look something like this (with the text and colours of your choosing) When your customers click on the survey, they are taken to our landing page, where they can leave verbal feedback and answer additional questions.

You can check the results in our Dashboard, or integrate them into other analytics services.

Contact us to get an e-mail template.

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